Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fun With the IRS - A Year Later

Last year (November of 2008) I wrote my first piece describing the humorous events which transpired when my wife and I made a mistake on our taxes (see Fun With the IRS).

In the end, I left the experience feeling the government owed me $2.00. Of course, I wasn't going to make a fuss over two bucks. It's hardly worth the time and effort on my part, nor worth the waste of over $2.00 of someone's time to get the money. Although my wife and I would joke around about "Where's my two bucks?" from time to time, we pretty much forgot about it. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday we received a check in the mail from the U.S. Government for $2.10. No letter of explanation was enclosed, just a check. Maybe they read my blog post from last year and decided to make right their error - along with interest?

Who knows? I just had to laugh, though. And, we'll need to remember to claim that ten cents as interest on this year's income tax - you know they'll be looking for it.

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