Saturday, November 28, 2009

Windsheld Wonder

I hate dirty windshields on my cars. This is especially true in the Autumn and Winter mornings and evenings when the sun blazes through the front window and shows every tiny bit of smudge and fog.

I also hate washing the inside of the windshields. Which can be a problem if you hate dirty ones.

I saw the Telebrands Windshield Wonder on TV many times and thought that if it really worked it would be a great product for me. I normally don't order things off TV ads, but when I saw this item at the checkout of our local big box retailer, I decided to buy one and give it a try.

It really does work quite well. All one does is spray a little water from the small spray bottle included with the kit onto the cleaning pad and then rub the pad on the window. The pad is attached to a handle which makes it quite easy to use.

I think this is a great product. I'm glad I picked one up.

Disclaimer: I purchased the product and review it here because I like it. The above link goes to Amazon. If you purchase after clicking that link I will get a small percentage of the sale.

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