Friday, October 10, 2008

I Loves My Crocs™

Some call them "doctor shoes" or "nurse shoes." Some call them "stupid shoes" or "ugly shoes." I don't care what others think about them, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I'm referring to my Crocs™

When my wife brought her first pair home, I was a Croc mocker, too. I choose to live and let live about that kind of thing, though, so I didn't pay much attention to them. Until one day I happened to put them on.

I needed to take one of my boys someplace and we were in a hurry. I was just planning to do a "drive by" drop off and head home. I slipped on a pair of Crocs and headed out the door. During the short time I was in the car and walking back and forth from the parking lot I was hooked.

They don't seem like they'd be good for your feet, but I have found they certainly are for me. I have heel spurs which often give me grief while wearing regular shoes. Although there is no visible arch support and there doesn't appear to be padding on the inside, my heel spurs never bother me when I wear the Crocs. I once spent all day walking and standing for just about 12 continuous hours and my feet, shins and knees felt fine afterwards. My toes are free to move around in them and the holes over the top and around the sides allow the whole of my feet to breathe. When I wear them, it feels almost as if I am bare footed. 

*** WARNING: Riding a motorcycle without proper footwear can be dangerous. Do not try this at home. ***

I've found Crocs to feel wonderful when riding a motorcycle. I have no problem breaking and shifting. It feels so good to have the wind blowing on my feet that it's worth the risk. I guess it's similar to how those who ride helmet less feel when the wind blows on their head.

My wife decorates hers for the seasons. The holes on the tops make for excellent mounting points for various doo-dads. During Christmas time 
last year, she even had colorful flashing light all across the top with evergreen-looking material and shiny plastic packages. They were quite festive.

The only disadvantage I see in wearing crocs is when it rains. The ones I wear let water in if I step in a puddle. I have seen models without the holes around the side and I might pick up a pair to see how they work in the rain.

I am merely a fan and not a professional reviewer. I was not renumerated at all for this posting. It just hit me on the way home from work today how much I enjoy wearing these shoes.

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