Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pizza Patron Pesos Controversy - Why Should You Care?

Texas-Based Pizza Chain Accepts Pesos

In my opinion, you really shouldn't care. This is a tempest in a tea cup if I ever saw one. I completely understand the national debate over illegal immigration. However, I doubt if anyone is going to sneak across the border and go all the way up to Dallas just to get a pie from Pizza Patron. There are doubtless a number of pizza places in border towns up and down the US-Mexico border which take pesos and don't require a 12-hour drive to pick up an order.

Death threats? Get real people. Unless you have a Pizza Patron restaurant nearby and have some pesos sitting around, there really isn't a reason to get mixed up in all this. Besides, there are far better ways to express your displeasure over the practices of a business besides making death threats. Organize a boycott, picket outside the restaurants, email the company, write letters to the editor, etc.

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