Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Memory of Aunt Leola

My Aunt Leola passed away recently. She was a wonderful lady, vivacious and full of life. She will be greatly missed. Here's one of my favorite memories of her:

One summer when I was about 12, my Mom and my Aunt Leola planned a trip from the Detroit Area to Sea World, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. One afternoon my, Mom, my brother and my four cousins loaded up in Aunt Leola's Buick Roadmaster station wagon and made our way south and east to the wilds of Cleveland.

We headed down the Ohio Turnpike, the Roadmaster expertly piloted by Aunt Leola. All was going well and we were having a great start to a great vacation. That is, until Aunt Leola turned to my mom and said, "Rosie, it's getting really dark and I'm having trouble seeing." The trouble was, the sun was setting, but it really wasn't all that dark yet.

Aunt Leola turned on the headlights, leaned forward and seemed to be peering out into the dark. She said, "Rosie, I'm not kidding. I can't hardly see a thing." My cousin Mark and I looked at each other. He looked worried, and I was started to get worried.

"Rosie, I must be having a stroke or something. I really can't see anything. I'm going to pull over so you can drive." As she said this, she turned to look at my mom.

"Leola! You've got your sunglasses on! No wonder you can't see."

She took her sunglasses off, and all was well again.

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