Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going Without TV - Again

Last year, Jen and I gave up TV completely for 40 days. It was to be a time of cleansing and refreshing. It was, too.

But soon after the 40 days were up we got back into the habit. It was as if we'd never done it. We were back up to our average viewing in no time.

Lately, I've been the one advocating turning off the TV. Not totally, mind you, but just unplugging the cable service and only watching DVDs and streaming video. Jen was hesitant, but thought hard about it. I could tell she was leaning away from the idea. I can't say I blame her, either. TV is a big part of our life.

Last Thursday Jen and I went to see Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership 1-Day seminar in Dallas. Dave stressed the importance of reading and the unimportance of watching TV. He's right. On the drive home I convinced Jen to let me turn in the cable box.

Last night, we took turns playing Fallout 3; one played while the other read. I read three chapters of the book I've been reading for the last two weeks - the most I've read in one sitting in a long time. It was quite refreshing.

So, I bid a fond farewell to some friends. If you're not streaming, I won't see you until the DVD comes out:
  • Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Leonard and Penny
  • Jeff, Rupert, James and Boston Rob
  • Mac and Stella
  • Catherine, Nick, Hodges, Sara and Dr. Langston (who we know is really Morpheus waiting to make his move against the Matrix)
  • Gibbs, Ducky (who really didn't die at that train station in Germany), Tony, Ziva, Tim and Abby
  • Bill and Jen
  • Mr. Callen, Hetty and Sam
  • The intrepid crews making sure we have fresh Alaskan crab
  • Mike, Barsky and the rest of the crew
  • And many, many more.
I'm putting together my reading list. I'll most likely share that on my other blog.

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