Sunday, March 08, 2009

How Did They Get Away With Not Paying Their Fair Share?

This past November I described in this space my experience with the IRS. You can read of the whole affair here. The funniest part is, I think they still owe me $2.00.

So, the IRS came after me for just over $1000. It was an honest mistake on my part. But, it was no big deal and I paid it willingly.

So this brings to mind the question: How did 4 people appointed by President Obama to head some government department or another get away with not paying tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes? How is it that they all-of-the-sudden remembered they forgot to pay all this money to the IRS? How is it that the IRS was able to find the one thousand I owed them, but they couldn't find the tens of thousands these other people owed? They came after me for two dollars. Why didn't they go after these other folks for tens of thousands of dollars?

This all smacks of hypocrisy and favoritism to me. I wonder how many "regular folks" like me have been harassed by the IRS. I also wonder how many "politicos" have had their tax irregularities ignored.

If we want to talk about folks paying their fair share - lets start right now with elected and appointed government officials. Or is it that some are "more equal than others."


  1. I was also amazed that President Obama was going to issue a waiver to some appointments because they worked as lobbyist even though a promise was made to allow former lobbyists in the administration.

    But to your point, was there not one person qualified to head the HHS that didn't have massive tax "oversights".

    Was there not one qualified person to run the treasury who did not evade paying taxes? Come to think of it, doesn't the IRS fit under the Treasury? How can a leader of the Treasury and IRS be a tax evader?

    The one prediction I made about the election was that the vitriol would continue with the promise of hope and change.

    It will not change. I expect the passions of the ideologues of the right wing take that fodder that the administration gives them and use it to continue the politics of personal destruction just as the left wing did for the past 6 years.

    Haven't we had enough? Haven't we suffered enough? What happened to tolerance? What happened to following the rules, or in this case, tax law.

    name withheld due to data mining technology...

    Good night, and good luck.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    I have to agree, there isn't much change coming in the new administration. It's more of the same old stuff we're all tired of.

    My solution: VOTE THE BUMS OUT! In the next election, vote against the incumbents and choose someone else of the party of your choice.

    The only way we'll see real change in our government is to let our elected officials know we're tired of the same old stuff by kicking them out of office come election time.