Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vote The Bums Out

I didn't watch the presidential debate. I figured it was going to turn out to be a "bash fest" with both candidates blaming our current troubles on the other guy and accusing the other of not having a good plan to solve all of our problems. Two real issues are: both candidates are part of the cause of our problems and neither one of them seems to understand that government is not the solution to our problems.

Both candidates have been in congress for many years. What have they done up to this point to fix our problems? Not a thing. They are a part of a group of 600-some-odd people out in Washington who have no concept of reality as it is for us "regular folk." They pass idiotic laws which do no one any good and they don't take care of the things they're charged to. That's both of them, not just one or the other. Republicans and Democrats have had their turns as president and congressional majority and what have they done? All they've done is make things worse with stupid regulations and wasted money - all of which costs you and me a too large part of our hard-earned wages.

I believe in this country. I spent the better part of my adulthood serving and protecting her. I've been privileged enough to see other countries first hand and learn about a great many more. Of all the nations in the world we have the most potential for regular folks to make a good life for themselves by working hard and taking care of their own. Unfortunately, the entrenched parties have long led us down the path of socialism - a system which is proven to be an absolute failure everywhere it's been or is still being tried. Freedom for the masses is what this country was founded on and made this country great, and that's the principal which can make this country great again.

I understand government is necessary for a well-ordered society. But government can become too bloated and ineffective and not serve the people. Our Founding Fathers were very, very wise when they drafted our Constitution creating a government limited in its scope and power. If we would stick to those basics, we'd all be better off.

Some reading this will think me naive, but I don't believe I am. I know we can't have utopia on Earth, but if we go back to the basics of the Constitution with limited government leaving us alone except as outlined in that document we would at least be going in the right direction. Reversing the tide of bloated government, pork-barrel politics and entitlements will be hard work. But it's just as worthy of our hard work as fixing the banking crisis, the energy crisis, etc.

This election, I'm really stuck on whom to support. I don't even have a "voting against the other person" or "lesser of the two evils" choice this time around. Therefore, my voter platform this election is "VOTE THE BUMS OUT - ALL OF THEM."* 

Naive? Maybe I really am. Irregardless, I know I'm tired of the same old horse manure coming from Washington and I don't think anyone running for office has any intention of stopping the flow during their watch.

* I know we can't technically vote the president out of office since he's leaving and we're choosing a new one. But, we can vote against the two entrenched parties and let them know we're tired of the same old business.

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