Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anyone Remember Sir Graves Ghastly?

I'm really "digging" up some stuff up from my childhood in the Detroit area.

A few days ago I was thinking about a Saturday afternoon show where a "vampire" host named Sir Graves Ghastly would show old '50s and '60s horror movies. I remember spending many a cold winter Saturday afternoon watching Sir Graves and his cast of characters (all played by Lawson Deming). I think I saw the original "The Mummy" at least a dozen times in those years. I also remember thinking Boris Carloff was in every horror movie ever made.

The man who played Sir Graves, Lawson Deming, passed away just last month. Other than Bozo or Oopsy the Clown, I don't think there is another celebrity who was more popular amongst kids who grew up in the Detroit area in the '70s.

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  1. Amen to that.. he will be sorely missed... sure wish they would bring his show back on TVland or something... fellow fan...Lisa