Saturday, June 27, 2009

Product Review - Griffin iTrip Auto Universal

J and I recently took a road trip. We enjoy listening to our MP3 players over the vehicle audio system, but the car we drove didn't have a cassette player with which we could use the adapter we already have. I'd looked into an FM transmitter before, but thought them too cumbersome for regular use. For a road trip, though, one might work out quite well.

We selected the Griffin iTrip Universal, mainly because of two features: the SmartScan and PowerJolt.

Pressing the SmartScan button allows the unit to search for an empty frequency in the FM broadcast band and automatically set itself to use it. The display shows where to tune your radio to hear your MP3 player.

I found one weakness in this system, though. Because the unit is inside the vehicle, it doesn't always find a channel which is empty when you tune your radio - the antenna for which is outside. I found it was better to find an empty frequency on the vehicle's radio and manually set the iTrip to use it.

PowerJolt is a simple USB connector which allows you to power and/or charge the MP3 player while it's being used. This is a great feature and came in quite handy.

Overall I found the Griffin iTrip to be a good value and worth the purchase price. The sound quality was better than I expected when there was no interference by a broadcast station. While traveling from town to town we did have to change frequencies often, but if you stay in one area that shouldn't be a problem.

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