Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Because of a Lack Of Accountability

Obama blisters AIG, vows to try to block bonuses

Is it right for President Obama to get upset because AIG decided to pay some of their employees bonuses after they got billions of our tax dollars as a bailout? I don't think so. The money was given to them with no strings attached. AIG wasn't told or made to change how they do business, so why should they? It seems wrong to chastise them after the fact.

There has to be some kind of record for how short a time it took to draft up, pass and have the president sign the legislation which make up the various bailout and stimulus packages. There was no real debate in either house of congress and there certainly wasn't time for regular folks like you and I to read up on and voice our opinions about the various provisions of the laws. Under the guise of "immediacy or disaster" the whole thing was crammed down our throats, seemingly without much forethought or real concern about the ramifications of what might happen when the laws were passed.

The fact is, this entire bailout business was done with little or no accountability. There's no accountability of the recipients of the money to the government. And there certainly was not accountability of the government to the people who will be forced to pay off the bailouts and the stimulus package passed earlier this year.

Or is there?

My friends, you and I have the ultimate in accountability - our votes. It's time to tell those who deign to represent us that we are tired of the patronizing attitude that they know better than we do. It's time to let them know we're tired of their "business as usual." It's time to send a clear message that it's time for change we can REALLY believe in.

If we take it upon ourselves to vote out any and all incumbents who are up for reelection in 2010 we will let them know that we mean business. The ones left there will wake up to the fact that they represent us, the people of this great nation, and not the special interest groups, the corporations nor anyone else. They will realize that a government of the people, by the people and for the people is the real constitutional power in the country.

Please take a moment and think about this. If you are not registered to vote, then register - TODAY! If you are registered to vote, consider making the courageous move to change things and vote against the incumbents. You don't have to change parties, just vote against whomever is in there now either in the primaries or the general election. Let's send a clear message to those in Washington, D.C. that enough is enough.

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