Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is Socialism Inevitable? Introduction

Some of my coworkers and I had an excellent discussion recently about politics and the presidential race. I voiced my opinion about "voting the bums out" which was met with just a little skepticism.

I did get to discuss one question I've been mulling over in my head for some time: Is socialism in the United States inevitable?

If you take time to read through some of my postings in this space, you will find I am against socialism and "big government." The very idea of socialism is anathema to me. I find the federal government is already unconstitutionally far too intrusive into the everyday lives of the citizens of  our nation. The saddest part is: those very citizens are, in many cases, inviting the government to step in and take away our constitutional freedoms.

In order for a people to be free, I believe they must have three things: Education, Responsibility and Desire. Without these three things, they cannot be free. In my next few postings I will deal with each of these things individually. So, please stay tuned.

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