Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Figured Out SQL Server Problem

We finally figured out how to solve our SQL Server SP2 problem. I'll post it here in case someone else runs into the same problems and finds no other solution (like us this past week).

The SP2 install updates all of the pieces of SQL Server. The part we could not get to install was the Notification and Client Tools piece. Each time we ran the install, this part would fail.

I found quite a few items through Google searches posted by folks to had the same problem, but none of their solutions worked for our install.

Since we couldn't find a quick solution, we went through Event Viewer and searched for each and every error message in there which resulted from the install failure. I don't remember when, since I was getting dizzy from all that reading and searching, but we stumbled upon an item which described a problem with SQL Server's job scheduler and the Message Queuing service in Windows.

We don't install things we don't use, so when I set that server up, I did not install the Message Queuing (which is part of IIS, BTW). I installed it then ran the SP2 install again. This time it succeeded.

Now our jobs are scheduled and working properly.

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