Sunday, July 06, 2008

Are There No Leaders To Lead Us?

I've been mulling over the candidates for president as well as those running in our congressional and state elections. It's sad to say, but I can't find a real leader among them. All these people are experienced or "wanna be" politicians. It's really quite sad.

Say or think what you will about him, but I believe Ronald Reagan was our last great leader. He was able to have a vision about where the country should go and was able to communicate it very well. He helped people see what a great country this is and give them hope for the future. It's no mere coincidence that our nation prospered under his leadership.

To me, the current slate of candidates consists of a bunch of people who want to get into office, but for what I can't figure out. They are all yelling "change, change, change" but not spelling out what they will try to change, how they will try to change it, and why they think it needs to be changed. What little they do tell is of more government programs aimed at solving all our problems. In other words: furthering the march to socialism.

I'm very disappointed. Is this the best our country has to offer?

I'm ready to vote for the person who will promise to leave me alone and stay out of my wallet for the next four years. Unfortunately, I don't hear that coming from anyone running for this election.

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