Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crime Spotter Maps -

Google has some great applications and one of my favorites is Google Maps. I think it is hands-down the best free mapping software going. I use the on line version almost daily, and I have the mobile version running on my Windows Mobile phone.

One of the great things about Google applications is that they are set up so others can add to them. Developers can grab pieces of applications they want to use on their web sites. Google Maps is no exception to this.

One of the more interesting customizations of Google Maps is found at I'm not sure if this is a manual or automatic process, but the application grabs news items about crimes and plots them on a map powered by Google Maps.

For example, I checked out the map of Detroit and clicked on a shooting near the suburb of River Rouge. The details page has a highlight of the story and a link to the source ( in this case, a web site run by the local NBC affiliate).

This is a very nicely done application. Kudos to the developers.

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