Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kim Jong Il - If It Wasn't So Tragic It Would Be Really Funny

Kim Jong Il: I'm an Internet expert

So, did he help Al Gore invent it?

The tragic thing about this is: Kim and his cronies in high leadership positions in the Communist North Korean Government are allowed to surf the web and use cell phones, but the "regular" people are not. This is something totalitarian regimes and dictators have been doing for years: controlling communication and the media so they can push their lies down the peoples' throats and keep them in submission.

It's also tragic because people in this country, where we take freedom of speech and free media for granted don't understand what a cruel thing full censorship is.

For instance, if Cindy Sheehan were to protest in Pynongyang about not being able to use a cell phone, she'd be arrested and put in a "reducation" camp. That is why we must take a stand and resist against those who would enslave their people and control every facet of their lives.

Kim says wiring the free industrial zone in Kaesong, North Korea is OK, but "... but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired." Problems for whom? Problems for Kim and his cronies, that's who.

When people are exposed to the ideals of personal freedom, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness, they rise up against those who would keep them down. It's happened so many times in just the last decade or so - just remind yourself about the fall of the Iron Curtain and the freedom now enjoyed by those who were under the control of the Soviet-led stooge governments in Eastern Europe.

This is why I write against Hugo Chavez (here,here,here, here and here). It's also why I write against socialism in all forms in the US (here, for instance).

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