Friday, November 10, 2006

Garden Guy Debate

Houston landscapers refuse gay couple’s job
Stance taken by owners of the Garden Guy ignites fiery debate

There is ignorance and hatred demonstrated in the world which aptly shows the true nature of us human beings. We can really be rotten to the core and it often doesn't take much for us to show it. It is most unfortunate.

Am I talking about the folks who own Garden Guy? Yes, I am; but, I am also talking about those folks on the "politically-correct" left who took this debate to a whole new level. There is a lot of ignorance to go around in this case.

To the owners of Garden Guy and those Christians who claim that homosexuality is the worst sin known to man: I applaud you for sticking to your beliefs. It's important to not compromise your integrity or the message of Christ as you see it. However, the belief that you must somehow isolate yourself away from "sinners" is not the message Christ sent when He was on the Earth. Jesus was constantly criticized by the religious leaders of his day for hanging around with "sinners and tax collectors." His response: "I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Paul's words also come to mind, "Love the sinner, but hate the sin." Remember, even those who count themselves as "saved" are still human and are still subject to temptation and sin.

I think this is part of the true message of Christ: People are most important. If you don't love people, even those who are "sinners" in your eyes, then you become the same as those folks from the so-called church who protest with signs reading "God hates Fags" and you harden hearts against the very message you are trying to spread.

To the would-be customers: You were well within your rights to email your friends about your experience and ask them to boycott Garden Guy. Good for you for standing up for what you believe. No matter what, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect by others regardless of whatever they might find disagreeable with you. It appears the email you received from Garden Guy, as ignorant and bigoted as it might be to you, was respectful. I hate that people judge you as they do. People are important - you are important.

Also, the link to the anti-gay marriage web site on their web site should have been a clue that you might not want to patronize them. Perhaps you missed it, but the Garden Guy folks are up front with their opinion of gays. I don't fault you if you missed it, but perhaps we can all take a lesson to fully check out those with whom we plan to do business.

To the folks who show their ignorance by threatening the Garden Guy folks: Grow up! Yes, it is wrong that people discriminate against you. Yes, it's wrong when they vilify you and make you out to be monsters or whatever. But, is threatening their safety and health and condoning sodomizing their children going to get them to see you differently? I think not. It's much like the so-called "Christians" who treat you poorly and harden your hearts against what they have to say - when you threaten and harangue and pontificate you harden their hearts against what you have to say. The golden rule applies: if you want to be treated with respect then show respect. Can you protest someone's ignorance without getting ugly and hateful about it? You bet you can: Organize a boycott, send respectful messages about why you disagree, get on your soapbox and tell the world why they are wrong. But when you threaten and harass you are merely playing into the hands of those who wish to vilify you and make you out to be monsters.

To the "politically correct" crowd: You claim you are on the side of tolerance. The problem is, when anyone doesn't echo your opinions on what's right and proper, you show yourselves to be very intolerant. There is room for disagreement in our country. There is room for differing opinions and debate. When you shout down those who disagree with you, you are showing that you are the intolerant ones. "Politically Correct" then becomes a synonym for "Politically Reliable" which is a phrase used by communist dictatorships during the cold war to describe someone who toes the party line no matter what. People become afraid to speak their minds and then another freedom we should cherish goes by the wayside.

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