Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm starting a new web site. I needed to register a domain and get a host, preferably one that supports ASP.NET since that's my strong suit in web development. I heard a lot about and decided to use them.

I found 2 unregistered domains I thought would be appropriate. So, I registered them and picked my hosting plan. Since I was buying a year's worth of hosting up front, I got one domain registered for $1.99. Not a bad deal.

It turns out that someone else registered one of the domains I wanted just before I did. (I have my suspicions that someone was monitoring my searches for possible domains and pounced before I got my order through, but that's another story). Although I got confirmation both of my domains were registered to me, only one of them did.

I contacted GoDaddy about my missing domain. Their support was great and I got my refund within a couple of hours of my call. Fast, excellent service makes them high on my list of domain hosts. So far, so good. Based on my short experience I recommend them. I will probably move my other web site to them when the year is up on that host contract.

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