Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Enough Lawsuits Already

Supreme Court to Hear Case Against Philip Morris USA

I feel sorry for the lady who lost her husband to a 2-pack-a-day habit for 45 years. But, come on, enough is enough. The link between cigarettes and disease has been know since at least the '30s (ever notice in various 3 Stooges shorts where cigarettes are referred to as "coffin nails"?). It's hard to imagine anyone living from the '60s, when the Surgeon General's health warnings went on packs of cigarettes, until now did not know that smoking causes a host of different types of disease.

Various states have sued "Big Tobacco" and won on the grounds that they have to pay so much extra out of their different medical funds for the sickness smoking causes.

We all know smoking is risky, so why not just ban the stuff and be done with it? I'll bet it would happen if so much weren't made off taxes imposed on tobacco products. Perhaps one day the tax on tobacco will be high enough that everyone will quit just because they can't support their habit.

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