Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are We Too Celebrity-Focused?

OK - so Paris Hilton gets arrested for suspicion of DUI. Unless I live in the area she was driving in, should I really care? So, Brittany Spears in an attempt to get away from a mob of photographers jumps into her car and takes off without putting her child in the car seat. Perhaps a bit of bad judgement, but should I take time to ponder if she was a terrible mom or not? Babies of celebrities are born. Congratluations to them, but I don't know them personally so should I "Google" to try to get a sneak peak at the child?

On my Google home page, CNN has at least one article a day dealing with some kind of celebrity news. This is from the RSS selection of "Headlines." With everything going on in the world, in the grand scheme of things, are details of Tom and Katie's relationship really that important to anyone other than Tom, Katie, their family and close friends?

How many people know where Darfur is and what's been going on there for the past 3 years? How many people realize the gravity of Iran enriching uranium or North Korea trying to build a missile which can hit a target in the US? How many of us know about the good things going on in Iraq (like the transfer of authority of the Iraqi armed forces to the Iraqi government which happened earlier today)?

I realize people have wanted to hear celebrity gossip since there have been celebrities. There are those who fill their whole lives reading about the rich and famous. I just wonder, though, if we're taking in a little too much ignorance about the world at large to focus in on stuff which, in the long run, have little importance compared to other things which can profoundly impact our lives?

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