Monday, August 23, 2004

Crime Stats in My Area

I live in Central Texas, in a growing community. I happened to be in the County Clerk's office last week to get copies of some paperwork. While I was waiting for my copies, I happened to notice a set of hard-bound books on a shelf labeled "Criminal Cases." The thing that struck me about this was the details of the years. The first book covered 1958-1972, the second 1972-1977, the third 1977-1980, the next 1981-1983, then 1984-1985 and finally 1986 and 1987.

The thing that struck me was how the books covered fewer and fewer years as time went by. I don't have any stats on how much the county grew during that time, and I've only lived here about 9 years, but the growth of those cases astounded me.

This is just an observation. Since I don't have all the data I can't comment as to the whys and whatfors, but it did cause me to wonder how much crime has really risen, if at all, in my area; and, what this might show about society in general.

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  1. Perhaps the amount of crime hasn't risen at all, but the writers of those books are becomming more verbose over time.
    You're right, I'm avoiding doing any work....