Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Government Ain't Your Daddy

Why is it that every time someone finds a problem, invariably the first thing out of their mouth is either, "Why didn't the government do something about this?" or "The government needs to do something about this."

People, let's face it: the government does very little right. It wastes more money than it can take in, it spends it foolishly on things not needed, and the people running the government don't know what's best for you and me.

The government's responsibilities are clearly laid out in the Constitution. The men who wrote that were a lot smarter than we sometimes give them credit for. They knew that old King George and the English Parliament didn't know much of anything other than taking money and not giving any of it back (hmmm - that sounds familiar somehow). They set out in the Constitution to severely limit the powers of the Federal Government because they didn't want to live under leadership who only knew how to confiscate their income. They even put the catch-all in there that if a power or responsibility wasn't specifically given to the Federal government in the Constitution, that power or responsibility was to be given to the states.

These days more and more of the power and responsibility is being given to the Federal government - and with the full consent of the citizens of this great nation. Consent given implicitly by either their silence or by their begging for "Daddy Government" to give them more.

It's time we start to look for leaders who will not enlarge the Federal Government. It's time we look for strong leaders who will look the people in the eye and say, "No, we're not going to give that to you - here are the resources to do for yourself." Are there any such leaders out there?

Now, for those of you who consider yourself Christians, let me pose a question: who's responsibility is it to take care of the poor? Give up? It's the Churchs'. (I use Church in the sense of the One Church which consists of all Christians regardless of denomination or local church affiliation as referred to by Paul in many of his epistles). The Christians of this land are the ones who are supposed to take care of the poor, the orphans and the widows. Since the Church abandoned that responsibility, the government has picked up the slack. You think your taxes are high? Then get out there and do something about it! Galvanize your church to start taking its responsibility back and start taking care of the people in your communities. Otherwise "Daddy Government" is going to keep getting bigger and bigger, taking more of our wages and wasting it on programs that do not really help nor empower those receiving the aid. President Bush had the right idea of giving federal funds to faith-based organizations for working in the communities. Here's the bad part - the faith-based organizations should have already been there doing that stuff! Read the Book and see if it isn't true.

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