Thursday, July 15, 2004

The AIDS Condomdrum

AIDS is a tragedy.  It's a tragedy to its victims and to those who love them.  There can be no questioning this.
There is a debate going on over the best way to teach people to prevent AIDS from spreading.  In one camp there are those who think teaching safe sex and the use of condoms is the best approach.  In the other camp are those who believe teaching abstinence is the best solution.
What I don't understand is - how can there be a debate on this?  Condoms break, they rip, they fail, they're not perfect.  C'mon, folks, wake up - the only absolute way to prevent the spread of AIDS (or any other sexually transmitted disease for that matter) is abstinence.  If you don't do it, you won't get it!  abstain from sex with multiple partners outside of a committed relationship, abstain from intravenous drug use, abstain from swapping bodily fluids and you have the thing beat.
There are innocent victims of this disease, too.  The wife who's thoughtless, selfish husband passes it on to her or the child who gets it from his or her mother. Those are the true vicitims of this; those who didn't choose to participate in risky activity.
We can come close to wiping out this scourge in a matter of a couple of years if we can stop it from spreading so fast.  Between abstinence and finding better and lower-cost treatments we can do with AIDS like we did with smallpox or polio.
I know I might be over-simplifying here, but it seems pretty simple to me. 

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